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Cover Up

My plan for my most severely water damaged ceiling (the one in the computer room) was to cover it with drywall and start with a new surface. Putting drywall on a ceiling is kind of tricky. And it’s definitely not a one person job. I am deeply indebted to Denis who helped me accomplish the task. I definitely owe him dinner.

I’m not the best drywall screwer-inner in the world, but I’m sure they’ll stay up. My work is sometimes ugly, but always sturdy. It’s been that way since I was a kid playing with Legos. My creations were not elegant, but they could survive a fall down the stairs.

Anyway, this will be a great way to start with a fresh, smooth surface. …If I can mud it properly. Wish me luck!

Goodbye, ugly stains!

I decided to go with the water resistant green drywall.


  1. Deanne

    Lovely! Nice work!

  2. Lauren

    Holy smokes! You actually did it! I like the magic of the internet – it’s like watching a home improvement show, but even faster than that. One split second and it’s done!

  3. Peggy

    Dang Brad, that looks fantastic! Way to go! You truly are a:

    Brad of all trades,
    Master of a ton!

  4. Carol

    I do stand in awe – my arms would fall asleep holding things over my head long enough to screw them in, I’m sure. When we had the condensate leak from the attic into our kitchen (right over the TV, of course), there was sufficient damage to need a bit of that ceiling replaced as well – and I knew I was licked before I started. I wasn’t home when it was repaired and I can’t remember exactly who did it, but it sure as heck wasn’t I – you. are. amazing………. and. Denis. too.

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