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When I was building the fire pit, my hands became quite rough. The rocks were covered with dirt and grit and sand, and carrying them sanded my fingertips off. Rough skin grew to replace the soft skin that was removed. I could feel a difference in my sense of touch. I thought it was weird and even wondered if maybe it was just my imagination.

But now the thick skin is coming off. Since I’m not sanding my fingertips with grit anymore, the soft skin is returning. I can see the pads of thick skin after I’ve showered. They show as areas of white. Pretty weird, huh?

I'll be glad when they're back to normal.

It reminds me of the time in college when I was working at McDonald’s and used the stainless steel cleaner without wearing gloves. The cleaner dissolved my skin. I didn’t have fingerprints for a couple of weeks.


  1. Lloyd

    I remember ending each detasseling season without fingerprints. It made my crime sprees much easier.

    • Peggy

      (What have you done with Lauren…or is this her?)

  2. Peggy

    So you tried to use a McDonalds product as a substitute for a chemical peel treatment, huh? I guess it’s a miracle that you have any fingers left at all…not to mention the fish infection & sticking your hand down MS clogged toilets ungloved…

  3. Lauren

    I didn’t have internet this morning! I’ve been DYING all day!!! That bradaptation fix is vital to my soul.

    You are bold with the macro. I’d suggest a sugar-and-oil scrub to solve that little problem, but as I recall- you are dead set against that.

    • Peggy

      I’ve been in that dark, blank, scary place many times …. welcome back! The scars heal pretty quickly.

  4. Nigel

    Dont you live opposite a bank? This is your chance.
    Everyone would be looking for the getaway car and you can just skip back to your kitchen and have a cup of tea. No fingerprints required.

    • Carol

      I believe I like how your mind works, sir.

      Brad, remember all of us little folk after the robbery little adventure next door, eh?

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