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Create-A-Bed Murphy Bed: Day Two

I feel like I didn’t get lots done yesterday. I built the bed frame. It required boards that were 3/4″ by 1-1/2″, otherwise known as 1 by 2. Why is wood not actually called what it is? Or, alternately, why is a 1 by 2 not actually 1 inch by 2 inches? What takes so much time is stuff like this that I don’t know because I don’t have tons of woodworking experience. The instructions say “drill a pilot hole and countersink the screw”. I know what a pilot hole is and I know what countersinking is, but is there a drill bit that does that in one step, or must it be done in two steps? A trip to the store, and fifteen minutes looking at drill bits and I figured it out – yes there is a special bit. But my brain was a little tired from having to think so much. Several incidents like this, and I’m mentally exhausted.

Anyway, for building the bed frame, I had a lot of woods to choose from, but went with poplar. It seemed like a good choice.
I laid the pieces on the floor to see if they were straight.

Building the bed frame was actually pretty easy. There was lots of measuring again. And there was careful drilling to be done. And I was trying to assemble it on a surface that was not quite big enough. After much finagling, six ruined screws, a burned finger from a backed-out screw, and sawdust all over my dining room floor, I have a bed frame!
Frank Sinatra held up one side of the frame to keep it level.

I finished my workday by doing the last cuts on the plywood pieces. Today starts with the mounting of the plates that the pneumatic springs are attached to. If I measure this wrong, the whole project will be ruined and the bed will not open and close properly.
But no pressure.


  1. Lauren

    Ha! “No pressure.” You slay me.

    So exciting! So exciting! Although I totally get your annoyance and exhaustion over the little steps dragging you down. If you could just get it done without all the stop-and-start, then it’s not as awful. Mostly, I’m impressed with anyone who can complete a long-term (more than an hour) project. Go, Brad!

    I’m guessing that the right of the bed frame is the bottom?

    • Brad

      You are correct. That is the bottom of the bed. The slats are more closely spaced on account of a locking mechanism for when the bed is in the up position. I will attempt that tomorrow. Careful measuring again!

  2. Peggy

    I think you accomplished alot! Just look at that awesome frame! Way to go! You are definately on a good roll here!

    I know the springs will turn out just right…..but if by some chance the bed ends up being on a slant when pulled down…….that would be a perfect bed for Lauren. I’m sure she’d pay to have it shipped to her.

  3. Carol

    Glad to see you have not been daunted by these frustrating set-backs so that your den of iniquity bed construction continues on schedule. Do you have a handy first aid kit for any future finger burns (or worse)? It would be sad to have an unfinished project due to fingers all swathed in bandages, don’t you think? And thank heavens Frank was free to lend a hand with that one side! As Len Goodman said to that guy on DWTS who’s in lots of Disney stuff: “Good – job – dog!”

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