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If you’re here just to read about the murphy bed, sorry. I didn’t work on it yesterday. I probably won’t be doing anything more to it until this weekend. All I have left is paint and door handles, but my job is proving to be an effective deterrent to any further progress. My regular posts are just about stuff that happens to me. Like this:

Last night for dinner, I went to a seafood carryout place. I really wanted some broiled fish. The place I usually go to for steamed shrimp or crabs is called Pappas, which used to be called Hale’s. I like their food. They have good, meaty cream of crab soup. Mmm… Anyway, while I was waiting for my food, I was perusing their chilled food display, and the name of their largest crab cake made me laugh. They had regular crab cakes, “colossal” crab cakes, and then there was the large one:
Twenty bucks!

I wish my picture was at a better angle, because this crab cake was huge. And I think I know why they call it “Courage”. Years ago, I got a novelty-sized crab cake from a different place. They called it their “Pounder-Plus”. A friend dared me to eat it. It was a challenge. I almost couldn’t eat it all; crab cakes are rich. But I was successful, and the friend who dared me to eat it had to keep her promise and buy me the T-shirt the restaurant offered: “I ate the Pounder-Plus!” Ha!

But I won’t be doing that again anytime soon. I have lost my courage for such a crab cake challenge. I have tried to eat a pound of other things in one sitting. Beef – successful. Chocolate – unsuccessful. Steamed shrimp – successful. Have I done cheese? Hmmm…


  1. Lauren

    It’s huge!

    Perhaps it’s called ‘courage crabcake’ because it’s been sitting in the display case for several weeks. If that’s the case, I have some courage cottage cheese and courage half-n-half for sale.

    • Carol

      HA! I’ve missed the morning guffaws from Lauren during the construction period of late – thanks for picking up where you left off, kiddo.

  2. Carol

    …and if we’re starting a local food recommendations page now (not that you were, but when has that ever stopped me fro butting in?): the crabcakes on the broiled seafood platter at the Silver Moon Diner on Pulaski Hwy are to die for. I had been told by others but was skeptical – “Good seafood at a diner – is that even possible?!” Indeed it is. Go. Now. No courage needed, though they are large and full of lump meat. OK, maybe wait until the family is in town in June – then take everyone. For the same price as the courage crabcake pictured above you can get a bowl of soup, this entire seafood platter, two sides, a beverage and a piece of cake for dessert. No lie. –uncompensated endorsement

  3. Peggy

    Are those deviled eggs on the right of the crab cake? If so, I don’t think the crab cake looks that big. Funny, crab cakes…..good ones with no filler, don’t fill me up that fast.

    When I was a little kid, I used to always go to Hale’s with my dad to get steamed crabs or carry out. Sometimes Mr. Hale would there himself. I don’t know why, but when my dad talked to him, I felt important.

    • Brad

      Yes, they are deviled eggs. You can see a picture of them HERE. And that makes the crab cake look small to me too, but really it was big. I want to say it was the size of a softball. Maybe a little smaller. But it was big.

      And I think the Crackpot still has their Pounder Plus. I dare you to try eating it. If you do, I’ll buy you the shirt. 🙂

      • Peggy

        You’re on! (I don’t have to eat any bread with it though, do I?)

        I prefer my crab cakes to be the size of a softball!

        • Beth

          OOOOooo!! But wait until June so we can be there, too! 😀

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