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A Short Workout

Yesterday morning we hung out at home. It was nice to just relax and chat. CoCo the chihuahua kept us company. He’s very friendly and cute.

He only left a couple of times to eat some kibble.

He only left a couple of times to eat some kibble.

It was one of Beth’s regular workout days with her personal trainer. I went along, and so did Beth’s husband. Her trainer is JC. She is so friendly and really knew what she was doing. HERE is her website.

Beth and JC

Beth and JC

It was great. I got there, and she got me exercising right away. I went full speed ahead.
And then I got dizzy. I had to sit down for a while. JC was really nice. She even brought me a banana.

JC took this picture and sent it to me.  Ha!

JC took this picture and sent it to me. Ha!

I actually had to lie down on the floor for a while to stop from feeling like I was going to pass out. Everyone joined me on the floor for a group shot.

Brad, Chris, Beth, and JC

Brad, Chris, Beth, and JC

In spite of my light-headedness, I really enjoyed going to JC’s place. She is really friendly, and kept me moving with a variety of exercises. If I lived here, I would for sure schedule my own sessions with her.

After working out, we went to a cool restaurant called Stardust. I had nachos. They were my first solid food since Wednesday. They were delicious. After lunch Beth and I went to a small indoor market. They had some cool places there. There was a stall selling air plants (tillandsia). They sold them in many creative ways. My favorite was lodged inside sea urchin skeletons. They looked like jelly fish. Very cool.

Very clever!

Very clever!

We finished the evening with some sushi, some great conversation, and some lounging around the house. It was a great day.


  1. Lauren

    You will only get sympathy from me about feeling light-headed while working out. I don’t know how people do it. My heart starts to pound after I walk three blocks.

    Those urchin plants are amazingly cool! The person who came up with those is a genius!

  2. Peggy

    Hehe…..well that will teach you to watch your drinking while on vacation…..especially the day before a workout.

  3. Carol

    Let’s see – first solid food since Wednesday, and you got dizzy…hmmm…no relation at all, I am sure. Ahem..

    Easy for you to commit to a personal trainer since you don’t actually like there…second “ahem”.

    Glad you’re enjoying your days out of town, though!! Weather here is finally spring-like – thanks for leaving behind some sunshine and cool breezes.

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