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Talking over Neck and Belly

Yesterday was an open house at school. I came at the regular time, so it was kind of a long day. It was okay though, because I had made arrangements to have dinner at the Korean barbecue place I ate at two years ago. It’s called Honey Pig. Even better than just eating at Honey Pig, I ate there with Chetarra, my old co-worker from the animal hospital. We hadn’t seen each other in TWO YEARS! Sheesh! I have GOT to be more deliberate about getting together with friends. Time passes too quickly. Any friends reading this that I haven’t seen in a while, let’s make plans for a meal or coffee!

Anyway, it was a blast talking with Chetarra. We laughed a lot, which I always enjoy doing. We also ate delicious pork belly and pork neck, which I also enjoy doing (though I didn’t know I liked pork neck until last night).

This is the pork belly.  The pork neck was cooked on a side table.

This is the pork belly. The pork neck was cooked on a side table.

It was a wonderful end to a long day. After dinner, Chetarra joined another friend and drove overnight down to Myrtle Beach for one last jaunt before the school year starts. She’s doing pre-veterinary studies. After dinner, I drove back home and went to bed. I was tired! I’m glad I got to sleep in today 🙂


  1. Carol

    Clarification question: what is the difference then between “pork belly” and “bay-kun” They look very similar (and, being a butcher’s daughter, I am somewhat embarrassed to even have to ask). 😉

    Good for you, getting caught up with a co-worker. The longer I work and the wider my contacts, the more regrets I have over not seeing old friends more regularly, too. Now I feel the need to facilitate some mega-reunion but, hey, school has started, so, see y’all in June. 🙁

    Glad you have the weekend to get your strength back for FDoK (First Day of Kiddos) on Monday. [Our Orientation night turned out to be the night before our FDoK and we were pretty comatose that day as a result. Already told that will never happen again..] Have a terrific launch! Show ’em Jesus…

    • Brad

      I didn’t answer your question, Carol. The pork belly did very much look like bacon, but it was thicker, and it was not smoky and salty like bacon. I was a little disappointed, to be honest. If I would have just been expecting to taste pork, though, I would have thought it was very delicious.

  2. Lauren

    They cooked it right at the table? How fascinating!

    I think you are actually pretty great at getting together with old friends. You have so many!

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