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Choosing between Less and Less

Happy Birthday to Beth! Woo hoo! She’s a prime number again! Beth-timus Prime!

I have been stopping at Burger King for quick dinners because it’s on my route home. I like to have two cheeseburgers and a small Coke. The first time I ordered that, the person in the drive through told me it was cheaper to get a meal deal. It’s the same thing I wanted to order, but it also includes fries. Ever since then, I’ve been getting the two cheeseburger meal deal and just eating the fries that I don’t want.

Last night on my way home from school, I stopped and ordered the meal deal. I decided to try something: I asked if they could charge me for the meal deal, but not give me the fries. The person in the drive-through was confused.

“You don’t want fries?” she asked. Then she typed in the two cheeseburgers and small Coke. My bill went up $1.29. When I got to the window, I asked if she could change it back to the meal deal. I don’t want to just throw away perfectly good fries, but I really don’t want to pay $1.29 to get less food.

There was a long pause before she brought my food out to me. I apologized for the confusion and trouble I caused. Next time I’ll just order the meal and throw the fries away.

Then I looked inside the bag:

There were no fries! She took them out! Yay! I still think I won’t make this request again. It caused too much trouble and confusion. But how sweet of her to fulfill my request…


  1. Lauren

    Isn’t that crazy? I don’t suppose you could ask that the fries be given to someone standing in line inside? “Surprise Fries” – a pay-it-forward kind of thing? Or maybe you could go all ‘diva’ and request just one fry.

  2. Carol

    I feel ya’ – hate to waste something I know I won’t be using, but trying to explain to fast food order-takers and preparers some of those special requests can be very frustrating.

    And isn’t it ironic that it is less expensive to purchase more food than less? I could go all “Don’t complain about obesity in America until you can justify why fast food is so much less expensive than the healthy stuff!” on you while I’m at it…but I won’t. 😉

    [Try Lauren’s “Fry it Forward” idea one day – that oughta really mess with their order-taking heads…]

  3. Bethtimus Prime

    Bethtimus Prime, for the win!

  4. Debbie Fettig

    Oh Brad, fast food BAD!! Break the habit or you will be sluggish and feel lumpy! Good for you though, to not want to waste food, I’m the same way, when I try to be “good” and NOT eat all the fries I throw them out the window so some animal can enjoy them……and I mean in a parking lot, I would never throw food out of the moving car to draw innocent animals to a dangerous roadway just for a fry. Yeah, Fry it Forward!!

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