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Useful Junk

My condo is a total mess right now. I’m blaming it on my bathroom project. Whenever I needed space to work or to put supplies down, I scooped things off of horizontal surfaces and dumped them anywhere. Some of that stuff is on my bedroom floor.

Gus decided that a mattress cover would become his new bed. He crawls in his bed at the same time I do. Since there is a pillow case there that’s waiting to be washed, I just put it over him like a cover. He stays there all night.


  1. Lauren

    Aww…. he looks like a Star Wars character now. Enjoy that adorable bed, little Jawa!

    See? Cleaning up isn’t the best thing.

  2. Debbie

    Oh a covered up pet is the best! They are our furry kids and in your case, your skinny kid, furrless kid? I guess real kids don’t have fur…. it’s early here…. gus is so cute, main comment.

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