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Bite Bump

I have a bite on the underside of my arm near my armpit. When I first noticed it, it was a big angry red bump surrounded by a larger red circle of hot skin. Now, it’s just a big angry red bump, but it still sort of hurts/itches.

When I get stuff like this, I’m so torn about going to the doctor. When I do go, I explain how this has never happened to me and it’s weird and I’m worried. Then the doctor shrugs and says it’s nothing. Then I feel stupid.

I’ll just let this bump go and hope for the best. Hopefully a bunch of baby spiders won’t hatch out of it.

I won’t show a picture of the bump, because that’s kind of yuck, but here’s the arm the bump is under:


  1. Lauren

    You know I want to see that bump. Message it to me. I am fascinated by weird wounds! (But I do pray that it is nothing and goes away quickly.)

  2. Peggy

    Um…..I had that once. The red, hot circle kept getting bigger & hotter as the day went on so I went to Patient First. They took a blood test and one of my cell counts was really high (or low) so they gave me a shot and then medicine. They told me it was a spider bite and the doctor drew a circle around the red area with a magic marker. He told me that if the redness went beyond that….to go to the hospital. Of course I sat up all night watching, and it did not go outside the circle. I guess the shot & medicine worked.

    The moral I guess is: If the red circle keeps getting bigger….GO TO THE DOCTOR!!

  3. Debbie

    Eeek! I’m always getting bit by something since i’m outside so much…. I’d be going to the doctor everyday! Ha. But, seriously….. watch that sucker and take action if need be! And if you end up feeling stupid, better stupid than a baby spider carrier!

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