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A Decrease in Decorations

Since I’ve done work in the kitchen and other places in my condo, I’m trying to keep from junking them up again. I’ve only had partial success. Part of it is keeping organized, and part of it is that I haven’t put out all the decorative stuff I used to have out.

One of the things I have had out is a small stained glass piece that Denis made. I had it hanging in my sliding glass door to the lanai, but when I put up my Christmas parol, I had to find another place for it.

My kitchen cabinet had a little hook on it, so I put it there. I like it. I think I will leave it.


  1. Lauren

    Well, that looks like it was made for that spot! Perfect!

  2. Debbie

    I love stained glass art! I didn’t know Dennis did that? I noticed the piece on his patio door, awesome! Yes, that is perfect in tir kitchen!

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