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Advent Wreath Table

At the beginning of the school year, we pass around a chapel sign-up sheet. I want to fill in LOTS of spaces, but I have to wait for everyone else to have their turn, and then I can fill in extras. I was super-excited when the sheet came to me this year, because the first chapel of Advent was open. Woo hoo! I’m talking about Advent today in chapel!

We are still having chapel outside, so I can’t light an Advent wreath. When I was chatting with Lauren the other day about school stuff, she happened to mention those paper Advent wreaths made out of hands. I knew what I had to do:

It’s a banquet table! I’ll open the legs, then lay it on its side. Everyone will be able to see it because it’s HUGE! 🙂


  1. Lauren

    That is spectacular! What a grand visual to start off Advent! I’m glad you’re doing this chapel!

    With COVID, I have been totally fine if people wanted to put up their Christmas decorations before Halloween, but I think there are many adults who don’t know what Advent is. I’m the teacher taking her sweet time getting things out to decorate because “Advent is a time to wait, not quite time to celebrate…..” However, pretty lights certainly do soothe the soul!

  2. Debbie Foelber

    That is awesome! I used to make this type of Advent wreath on paper plates for little one.
    We had so much fun during Advent back in the day. I loved the feel of our building during those weeks in December. It is important to emphasize the waiting instead of jumping right to Christmas.

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