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Tree Trimming

The other day, the tree guys came to cut down the coconuts from the tree in the church yard. Falling coconuts can be dangerous, so it’s good to remove them. While they were at it, they also removed several leaves. Some of the preschoolers watched them the whole time they were working. It was cute.

At the end of the day, Pastor was telling me that someone told him that the leaf trimming encouraged a taller, spindly tree. Looking down the road at a neighbor’s tree, I thought there might be some truth to that statement. Or maybe it’s just an optical illusion?

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  1. Lauren

    I had to re-read your first couple of sentences because they seem so totally fake. Tree guys? coconuts? coconuts falling? That’s not what tree guys do – they cut branches off of oaks and maples and haul branches away after big thunderstorms or heavy snow. And falling coconuts? That’s cartoon stuff right there.

    Also, that first picture has to be a cell tower. 😉

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