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Desk Done

Samith is here! Yay! He came with his son Brighton and Brighton’s friend Leah. They’re staying with me until Saturday, when the rest of the family will come. They came on different days because they were using flier miles.

Because of their arrival, I went into overdrive yesterday at school trying to get my classroom “summer ready”. The biggest job was my desk. I had already done some of the work over the last few days, but the last difficult decisions were left for today.

But I did it! My desk is clean!

My garden project at school isn’t done yet, so I still need some school time before I go, but for now, I can have some fun with my visitors.


  1. Lauren

    Wow! Your desk looks amazing!

    Hi, Samith & Co.! How very, very exciting! Have a great time!

    Lauren! Queen! Of! Exclamation! Points!

  2. Kristi

    THAT is a job well done, sir!

  3. Carol

    Wow – good job on the desk cleaning there! Guess the secret to keeping your work area clean is to have planned visits from significant mainlanders scattered evenly throughout the year. Let us know which month(s) are not yet claimed so we might plan accordingly. Ahem. 😉

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