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Plants from the Past

I did some things yesterday! Yay! I mean, I laid around a lot too, but I did at least do SOMEthing.

I forgot to pack my vitamins, so I walked to CVS to get some new ones. While walking, I spotted a magnolia tree. As I walked to see it more closely, I could smell the scent of the flowers. It was amazing.

This scent is linked to memories of days at after-school care in the old house by our grade school. There was a magnolia tree there. My mom ran the after-school program – three hours of daycare after teaching a full day of school. It must’ve been exhausting for her. But it seems like memories of happy times for me, because when I smell magnolia blossoms, I remember happy days.

On my walk back to the condo, I spotted a plant indigenous to Hawaii. That is, a plant that was naturally occurring there, but is also found in other places. It’s an ancient fern-like plant. In Hawaii, it’s called a Moa plant. “Moa” means chicken. The plant can look a little bit like a cockscomb.

Anyway, I was excited to be able to recognize it. The project I’ve been working on at school has increased my gardening powers.


  1. Lauren

    But…. Your powers grow too strong………

  2. Debbie

    Ahhh, the day care magnolia! I didn’t like the smell so i told people i was allergic to the tree. Lol maybe i thought i was? In that case i was allergic to the cafeteria spaghetti! Yick!

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