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Paper Picking

There are a lot of things happening at once right now. I sometimes feel overwhelmed. I was talking with someone about it recently, and she asked me if everything was still getting done. I said yes. She said: “Well, then you’re not overwhelmed. You’re just whelmed.” Hehe… I keep trying to tell myself that.

My condo is currently for sale, and open houses are happening, but at the same time, I’m thinking ahead. I want to buy a place in LA if I can, so I reached out to the mortgage broker I used before, and asked him to look into getting me started on a new loan. He asked for a whole bunch of documents.

Ugh. Paperwork is my least favorite kind of work. Why couldn’t he have asked me to do some other kind of work, like digging a hole in the ground? I would have liked that better.

Item one: Thirty days’ worth of pay stubs

I’m posting about it so that maybe I’ll remember to work on it today…


  1. Lauren

    Hee hee! I am all about that kind of work assignment. “Here are the loan papers. We need you to bake some cookies and bread.” “I’m on it!”

    I looked at your house on an online realty place, and if I lived there, I would totally buy it!

  2. Carol

    Why does everything have to happen at once like that? As I prep for foot surgery in a few weeks, I get a jury duty notice for 8 days after that and know I can’t serve then but that’s extra rigmarole (look up that old person term!) I could do without now. Been called twice to set up a COVID test when the place that’s doing the surgery told me I only needed to bring and show my vaccinations-and-booster card. So much time on the phone lately. Translation: I feel ya’, friend. You pray for me and I’ll pray for you.

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