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Transferring Things

Technically speaking, this title doesn’t alliterate, because it’s not about the letters, its about the sounds, but I’m going to allow it anyway.

I’m slowly taking care of the list of things to do before I leave. Yesterday was Zach day.

In the morning, I went to the DMV to see how you transfer ownership over to someone else. The workers there were really helpful. I’ll have everything in order for when Zach takes my truck.

In the afternoon, Mike and Josh met at my place, and we took my big furniture and some other useful items over to Zach’s new place. It is really nice. He’s blessed to be able to live there.

After a day of satisfying work, I celebrated with an ABC dinner – that is, a dinner bought from the ABC convenience store by my place. I have eaten this combination of junk food many times, and I love it. It was nice to have it again.

Half tuna, half egg salad


  1. Lauren

    He really does have a nice place! Wow! What a blessing that you can pass your things on to him – that is fantastic. 🙂

    Your dinner looks delicious!

  2. Deborah

    Zach’s move to Hawaii made our local paper. 🙂

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