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A Plant Day

Since I’ve started packing, I’ve had categories of stuff: shipping box, rummage sale, garbage, and suitcase. I took care of the shipping box stuff this past weekend. Yesterday, I took care of the rummage sale stuff.

Our church youth group is having a rummage sale today. It was perfect timing! I took three boxes of stuff to them, and gave them almost all my lanai plants. I think they should fetch a good price. Many of them are rare or spectacular:

While I was at school, I did some other gardening as well. Some of the vegetables died or were dying, so I took them out and replaced them with flowers.

But the pepper plants and tomato plants are flourishing. I propped up the tomatoes with some branches.

There’s a tomato on one of the plants. I was so excited to see it!

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  1. Lauren

    It’s good to know that the fruits of your labor will carry-on while you were gone.

    Get it? Fruits?


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