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Testing and Resting

As I start at a new school, I must perform all the formalities. Wednesday, I got fingerprinted. Yesterday I did my drug test. The drug test place was a little intimidating. I think they want to make sure you aren’t cheating. They were very strict with their instructions. They all but watched me give my urine sample. Yikes!

But on my way out, I saw a beautiful water feature. It helped calm my nerves:

And while I’m posting pictures of peaceful scenes, here’s yesterday’s sunset:

I was just reading that pollution makes for beautiful sunsets. If so, I’ll be in for a LOT of pretty evenings. Yay!


  1. Lauren

    Ha! What a positive take you have on everything – pollution, red tape…. just delightful! That water feature should be visible (and audible) from the place where you have to give the urine sample. 😉

  2. Deborah

    I agree that any medical tests are intimidating and just weird. Where else in your life would someone make you pee in a cup and practically watch you do it? Just weird. And not polite.

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