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Pants and Pairs

I’m a month late to say: Happy Bradaptation Day! July 21, 2006 was my first regular entry on this site. I usually commemorate it, but this year I forgot. Oops. In my defense, it has been a pretty unusual July.

Yesterday was nice though – I went to an outlet place. I was looking for drinking glasses for my kitchen. It was about a 40 minute drive to get there, but it was worth it. The outlet place was big, and there was lots of stuff to look at and lots of people to look at.

There was only one small kitchen store, so no glasses. But I did find two pantses in the clearance section of one of the stores. Yay! Teacher clothes!

I also need some long black socks, since I’ll be wearing dress shoes instead of sneakers. I found a pack of socks that had a feature I’ve never seen before: each pair of socks had a distinctive mark on them so I could pair them after washing them. I like it! It has kind of bothered me that when I get a multi-pack of socks, the original pairs get scrambled. That won’t happen with these. Nice!

One of the striped pairs is gray, the other white.

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  1. Lauren

    Happy Commemoration Day! Bradaptation is a lifeline to many!

    Congrats on the pants, as well, and I hope your drinking glass quest is successful!

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