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Coincidental Commissionings

There was another commissioning at my church yesterday. The first one was a teacher at my school. Yesterday’s was the DCE.

At both commissionings, the pastor had people come forward if they wanted to and pray over the new minister. I didn’t go up during either of the commissionings because I’ve only just met these co-workers, and both of them were well-known to the congregation. But I do think it’s cool and very powerful. The group stands there together, and people take turns saying prayers out loud.

After the service, there was a luncheon. I met our district education executive and her husband, who were there for the service. The husband recognized my name. He told me his sister taught in Knoxville, Tennessee with my parents. Before that, she taught in Arlington, Nebraska, where my dad’s family is from. She had my cousins as students! Ha! Small world!

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  1. Lauren

    How cool to see how differently churches work, and how God is using his people!

    Your church is beautiful, by the way. 🙂

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