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Added Account

I finally got a bank account here. I wanted to have it at a credit union, because I’ve had such terrible experiences with banks. At first it was hard to decide which place to go with, but when I had trouble with accessing my Hawaiian bank money, I found this place. They are in altar fellowship with my old credit union in Hawaii, and were super helpful.

Getting a new bank account when you’re new to a city is hard, because they all require proof of residency, which has to be something specific, like a utility bill or a bank statement with your name and address on it. I got a water company thing with my name on it in the mail a few days ago, so I could use that yesterday.

Once I get my new checks, I’ll transfer my money from Hawaii to here. I got my debit card right away though. It’s pretty.


  1. Lauren

    “Altar fellowship” – you have wonderful ways of explaining things. 😀

    Hooray for having yet another bank! You would be fantastic at money laundering. I hope you’ve kept all your accounts open. 😀

    • Carol

      I loved the “altar fellowship” analogy as well, Lauren. If this guy doesn’t go into a writing career when he retires from teaching, I’ll be sad.

  2. Kristi

    Yes, “altar fellowship”! Ha!

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