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The Explicable and the Inexplicable

Yesterday was soccer tryouts after school, so at recess, the kids switched from basketball to soccer. It was fun to watch.

After recess, I saw a honeybee on the floor of the hallway. I would normally be happy to see a honeybee, but this is part of an unexplainable abundance of honeybees on the hallway floor. Usually they’re dead 🙁

I don’t know if they are drawn there by something and then they die, or if they’re already dying and they come there to spend their last moments.

I tried to move this bee to safety before she got stepped on, but she looked weak. Poor bee.


  1. Lauren

    Oh, that poor bee! Thank you for working to save her. (We’ll send Beth out to bring her here.)

    My little kids have soccer practice/a game on Tuesdays, and yesterday the heat index was 103 when they all left to go there. I think that might be actual abuse. Bleh.

  2. Debbie

    Awe, good for you to try and save the bee!

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