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Pastries and Purple

There is a grocery store that is so close to my house I could walk to it. It’s so interesting to shop there, because it has a bunch of things I’ve never seen before, and is missing a bunch of things I have actually looked for.

One of the surprises was the fact that it had concha pastries:

I wrote about these when I was in Maui, because my trainer there likes them. I of course had to text her a picture of them. She liked it. Then she sent me a picture of a sunrise. We were always admiring those together when I was there.

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  1. Lauren

    A grocery store you can walk to? That’s the magical unicorn of home ownership! This tiny town has nothing like that. How cool that it has the pastries! (I looked at the old post.) I’m glad you guys still keep in touch. 🙂

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