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Cereal Candy Bar

When I was checking out at the grocery store by my house, I saw a candy bar that I’ve never seen before – a Fruity Pebbles candy bar!

Of course I had to get one to taste.

It was delicious! Every once in a while, I taste cereal again, and it is so, so good. I haven’t eaten it for breakfast (or any other time) in years now. But when I get these little tastes, it’s yummy.

But then I pay for it – my stomach burns with acid, or I feel gross. In this case, it was both. I ate half the candy bar, thinking I’d eat the other part later. I didn’t. I threw it out. It was a fun experiment though.

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  1. Lauren

    So, like a Nestle’s Crunch bar, but everything different? The chocolate is white instead of brown, and the crisps are colorful instead of white? Yeah, that’s worth trying.

    I’m glad threw it out when you realized it wasn’t what you needed. Smart!

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