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Friday Friendlies

Yesterday I went out on Black Friday, because I really enjoy the crowds. It’s like a party, and everyone’s invited!

This was my first Black Friday in LA, and I have to say – it confirmed what I keep saying about the people here – they’re so friendly! I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many excuse-me’s on a Black Friday. And people were smiling, and chatting with each other, and talking with strangers. What a delightful experience!

I needed two things: a toaster, and a food processor.
I sometimes eat toast, and I left my toaster oven in Maui, so I needed a toaster. I use a food processor once a year on Thanksgiving to make cranberry relish. This year I made it in a blender. It was difficult. I went to Target for both things. And they were both on sale! Woo hoo!

I also went to the mall. It was full of people. So much people-watching! Yay!

I went to the mall not to get something I needed, but to get something I wanted:

It’s this year’s Swarovski ornament! Yay! So sparkly! They’re in different boxes this year, and on a gold ribbon instead of silver. The woman who ran the register spent some time trying to convince me how good the change was. I didn’t need convincing. I get one of these each year now – a different ribbon won’t stop me.

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  1. Lauren

    Hooray for fun shopping! You picked the right day to buy those appliances, and how nice that you have a crystal location so very close!

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