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Plant Pot Problem

I’ve been looking for a pot for my tiny orchid. The orchid is a weird size, so it’s hard to find something that’s just right. I got a pot that I like, but it’s too small. I think it’s supposed to be used for super-tiny succulents. Or maybe for something artificial. I mean, really, this pot is too small for just about anything someone would grow as a houseplant. I’m using it for now, because it will keep the orchid from being top-heavy.

I also got a pot that’s too big, but it was so cute, I couldn’t resist. I think I’ll have to buy a plant for it, because look:

I love it!


  1. Debbie Foelber

    Both pots are nice, but that second one is really cute! It would make me smile every time I looked at it.
    Btw- the daffodils you have me many years ago are blooming! Happy almost Spring!

    • Lauren

      Agreed – the second one is so adorable! I vote to either glue it down or make the shelf bigger. 😀

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