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Mysterious Message

Well, Beth made it safely back to Nebraska. It was so fun to have her here.

Last night was super busy, so I don’t have any pictures. I went back in my camera roll, and saw a picture I took a few days ago. Remember the airplanes leaving vapor trails during recess? I think they were practicing for sky writing.

The other day, they were spelling words in the sky:

Here’s an upside-down version so you can read it better:

It says: “good riddance”. Some students were standing there with me, and one of them noticed that the message was directly over the cemetery down the street. Wow. Was this a spiteful message for an internment?


  1. Deborah

    That is odd.

  2. Lauren

    Ouch. I hope nobody prints that at my funeral. Maybe it was a funny goodbye for someone’s last day at work?

    • Lloyd's Cousin Sam

      Good Ritalin Lauren

  3. Kristi

    How can the letters stay so clear during the writing of that long phrase? I am impressed, even if it is over a cemetery.

    • Brad

      It was five planes writing like a dot-matrix printer, but using puffs of vapor. It dissipated pretty quickly after I took the picture. I did wonder how much it must’ve cost though. Five airplanes?

      • Kristi

        Well, that makes much more sense. I know NOTHING about this fancy-writing-in-the-sky stuff.

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