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Power Problem

I rushed home after school yesterday, because I can’t seem to do that very often these days. Wednesday was a late night at school. Tonight will be a late night at school. I wanted to just relax at home a little.

But then my power was out. Weird. I checked the breaker box. It looked ok. I walked down the street to see if other houses were out of power. I met a neighbor, and he said the power was out for the whole neighborhood. It was a planned outage.

It was supposed to come on at six, but it was off until about 6:30. By then it was dark. I missed out on some tv time, but I was glad to have a night of rest.

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  1. Lauren

    *Sigh* Sorry for your forced downtime. I feel you with the lack of t.v. – it’s what is on while you ignore it and do other stuff! Dang it. I hope you don’t have any more for a good long while.

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