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DC Trip Day 1

Yesterday was mostly a travel day for our8th grade DC trip. The flight was a four and a half hour non-stop from LA to BWI. When we arrived, I heard that one of the boys had been throwing up. It was a rough landing, so I sympathized. But then I found out he had been throwing up for the entire flight! Yikes! He looked terrible. I felt so bad for him.

He rested on a bench while we waited at luggage claim, then we got into a bus for another FOUR HOURS to Williamsburg. Ack! I felt REALLY bad for the sick boy. He continued to throw up, but then part way, we got him to sit in the very-very front, and he seemed to feel better. He even slept a little.

We didn’t have much time left in the day when we arrived. We went to old-town Williamsburg for some spooky stories (the story-teller was EXCELLENT), and then we went to hotel for a quick swim and bed.


  1. Deborah

    That is miserable. Can you get him some medicine for the trip back?

  2. Carol

    Not sure for whom I feel worse – you or the chronic puker. Regardless, hope he was able to stay hydrated and has a better plan for future travelling so the rest of his trip isn’t spent hanging over a bag or bucket. If nothing else, this might “guarantee” him a separate seat on all buses and planes from here on out. šŸ˜‰

    …and did you know that our Southeastern District President, Rev. Bill Harmon – BLS class of 1987-ish – still lives in Williamsburg? Fun fact…

  3. Lauren

    How did my comment not post this morning?

    Poor kid – I feel so sad for him, but Iā€™m sure he feels better today, yes?

    • Brad

      I see your comment went to moderation, Lauren. A typo in your email address sent it there… sorry…

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