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DC Trip Day 2

Yesterday we went to Jamestown, then to Williamsburg, neither of which I have been to. They were too far a drive from Baltimore I guess…

Jamestown was cool. The place you visit is a re-creation of the actual settlement. It was beautiful to walk around outside. It’s early spring here. Redbuds!

There was a once-per-year event happening, where people came dressed in period clothing to talk about militaries from various times and places. It covered everything… vikings, knights, Revolutionary War, Civil War, both world wars, all the way to the present. You could walk up to their tent/display area and ask them anything. I was most fascinated by the interactions between the re-enactors. They knew each other. And if they didn’t they soon would. It was definitely a society of its own. So cool.

Williamsburg was amazing. Our guide was astounding. She was sooo good! And the people at the displays were not only knowledgeable, they were experts in their fields. I thought the lady in the wig shop was just an actor pretending to make a wig, but then she told us she was actually making a real wig using period techniques, and that the wigs she created were valued at $10,000. Wow!

The buildings were also amazing, of course. We walked a lot. It was tiring, but fun.

For dinner, we stopped at a Silver Diner. Ha! I used to eat at a Silver Diner in Maryland regularly. It was near my school in Catonsville.

Today we go to DC. So exciting!


  1. Carol

    I’ve always enjoyed visits to the Jamestown/Williamsburg areas in the past; so much to see and hear about. Sounds like you all got a primo experience this year – congratulations!

    Fun fact: a new Silver Diner has been built in The Avenue of White Marsh where the Barnes and Noble bookstore used to be (they relocated down the strip a bit, downsizing). Yet another reason to return to just B’more soon….

  2. Deborah

    I love redbuds! The East Coast in the spring is so beautiful.

  3. Lauren

    Wow! What an event – and what fantastic weather you had for that! The blue sky against the pink blossoms is quite stunning.

    I would love to walk around and look at the various booths…. but not the fighting stuff. Give me the wig lady anyway. 😉

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