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DC Trip Day 3

We had a super busy day yesterday. In the morning, we went to Mount Vernon, George Washington’s house.

We had to speed through it, but it was really cool. There is a key to the Bastille prison in the entryway. Such an unexpected artifact…

I was very excited to hear that the bannister was the original one. George Washington would have touched it many times. And I touched it too! I can add it to the list of famous bannisters I have touched, just like Independence Hall.

Next, we went to the Smithsonian Museum of American History. We had a little over an hour there, so it was also a whirlwind visit. The kids spent a lot of time in a room full of pop-culture displays. I took pictures of several cool things, but I’ll only share two – droid costumes from “The Return of the Jedi”

And a sweater from Mr. Rodgers

After that, we went to the Manassas battle field, then to the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Dulles, which is an air and space museum that I’ve never been to. It has lots of aircraft in it, including the Enola Gay

And the Space Shuttle Discovery. Wow! I was so excited to see the space shuttle!

Next, we had dinner at Bertucci’s, which is another old Baltimore favorite of mine. Their bread and dipping oil is delicious!

We ended the day with an after-dark memorial walk. Our guide was excellent at narrating the experience. It was hard to take pictures though.

I was exhausted when I went to bed, which was once again too late at night. Whew! I’m going to need to sleep for two days straight to catch up on my rest!

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  1. Lauren

    Wow!! Each of those things would be a packed day, and you did so many! In addition to rest, you need some brain time to process it all. It looks like an absolutely amazing time, and I’m so glad those kids are able to take such an important trip!

    (Why didn’t you steal that sweater for me? 😉 )

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