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Mail Milestone

I get a lot of spam in my email. I try unsubscribing every once in a while, but I don’t keep up with it very well. That means I have a lot of unopened emails. The other day, the number crossed 30,000. Wow!

My inbox was reaching its storage limit, but I had to buy a subscription to Microsoft Office products, and it came with more email storage. Woo hoo! Let the spam flow!


  1. Lauren

    I will keep quiet on the matter, except to support you in your large amount of emails. They’re all pretend anyway, right? 😀

  2. Beth

    Gah! This causes a physical reaction in my brain… twitching neurons…. This. This is where our genetics don’t line up…

  3. Peggy

    I’m with you Beth….I need to avert my eyes from this frightful picture! Deep breaths, think happy thoughts.
    And 64 drafts?!? (Am I in any of those?)

    • Brad

      Peggy, that “64” number in the drafts folder is just for unread ones. There are more than 64 total. And there are three drafts to you – two from June of 2012, and one from March of 2013. All three are unread.

  4. Carol

    Wow – have you forgotten how to find “highlight and delete” on your keyboard? And like Peggy said, 64 DRAFTS?!

    Funny you should mention all your spam, though. As a Hotmail account user, for a few weeks we were burdened with a TON of new spam every day; I’d heard Microsoft was having “issues” in that area. Like you, I tried to unsubscribe from a few, but they came in faster than I could keep up. Then, suddenly (like overnight), now I only get one – literally one (s) – spam email a day. Go figure. Thank you, Microsoft??

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