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Double Desktop

When I step away from my computer at school, I lock it using keyboard commands. On Monday, I pressed the wrong keys or something, because the screen did something weird, like it slid to the side or something.

My open Word documents were gone, so I had to open them again. Same thing for my browser windows. I got everything back to normal, but then that weird sliding-to-the-side thing kept happening when I opened files that I had already opened.

Yesterday, my computer was slow, and the sliding kept happening. It was like I had two screens or something. I went looking on the internet, and discovered it: you can have multiple desktops at once. I had two whole desktops full of open files and programs.

I closed down one of the desktops and things seemed to be working better.


  1. Lauren

    Well, that’s a heckuva thing. Thank goodness you found the fix! God bless the internet for providing people with information for solutions.

  2. Brady

    My son tried to tell my how I could do this when I got a new laptop a year ago. I wondered why in the world would I want that confusion. Could not tell you how he did it, nor do I wish I remembered.

  3. Carol

    I take comfort in knowing that even you, Brad Royuk, are occasionally tripped up by technology. Were this to ever happen to me, I fear ‘d need to toss the entire Chromebook out the window and buy another.

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