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Diatomaceous Deterrent

There are fleas in my house. I have seen them on Bruno and on me. They obviously can’t be living on Bruno, so they must be in the rugs. I was thinking about sprays or something, but then remembered about diatomaceous earth. It’s powder that’s made of tiny, tiny seashells. They are way too small to be any problem for people or animals, but to tiny bugs like fleas, it’s like crawling through broken glass. It cuts them, and they dehydrate and die.

It was easy to find at Home Depot.

I don’t think it’s “food grade”, which is what the websites say to use, but I was careful not to inhale it while I was sprinkling, and I kept Bruno away too. I’ll leave it in place for a while and see if I spot any more fleas.


  1. Lauren

    If you run out of that, I have a gigantic bag you can have.

  2. Carol

    I was curious when you said the fleas “obviously” couldn’t have come from Bruno, so I investigated and found this: https://www.nahf.org/article/can-sphynx-cats-get-fleas – not that this changes anything at this point. The diatomaceous earth technique sounds effective – I’ll be eager to hear if it works. Best wishes on that – flea infestations are absolutely NO fun.

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