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Ditch Dug

My final pool improvement has started…. I’m getting a heater!

I know it sounds a little weird to be getting a pool heater in Southern California, but my pool is consistently cold. Maybe it was built on top of a pet cemetery or something…

Anyway, the new heater requires a new gas line. They started on the line yesterday. It just looks like a trench to me. There is supposed to be some more work today.

Should I have waited to post about this until I had more information? Maybe, but yesterday was my first day of school, and in all the excitement, I forgot to take any pictures. School went well though. I’m looking forward to more (and normal) classroom time today. I want to establish my new routine. I like routines.


  1. Carol

    On a only-remotely-related note: saw your pool filter at Baltimore Debbie’s yesterday. It sort of acted like a Roomba for bodies of water, floating on the surface like that any all. There were many oak leaves to be removed, so I’m sure it was busy.

    Much luck with the gas line installation. Lately out here nobody needs a heater for their pools (been breaking temperature records daily; very grateful for the A/C), but whatever makes yours even more inhabitable…

  2. Lauren

    That is going to be one fancy ce-ment pond you got there. Heated pond water and all!

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