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Preparation and Pots

Today is our first day of school! Yay! I always feel so much better once I’m with the kids. Before that, it’s all meetings and papers and cleaning and thinking. Yuck.

I spent yesterday at school. I did less than I expected. I was already mostly ready. I just needed to straighten the room a little. I didn’t finish all the straightening, so there’s a little this morning before school. There’s nothing like that last shot of adrenaline before the kids come.

After I left school, I was a bundle of nerves, so I went to the local home discount store. Monday I had bought two hexagon flower pots, but didn’t get the third smaller one. The two pots looked stupid on my front porch by themselves, so I needed to get that third one. There was no time to waste! What if someone else bought it?

It was still there! I got it! Yay!

I like them. They’re made of cement. They’re weird and severe and artsy. And once I put plants in them, they will be glorious!

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  1. Lauren

    Those are absolutely perfect. Yes, the third one was the right call, and it’s good that it’s smaller – all the same and you would have had the beginnings of a hive, and there’s no stopping that…….

    Ok, now I can really say: Have a great first day of school!

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