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Hirsute Horticulture

I got a few unusual plants for my kitchen window, but one of them was too big for those shelves, so it’s in my bedroom. It’s a Sinningia bullata, or Emerald Forest Plant.

I got it because it’s a gesneriad, which is a group of plants I seem to be increasingly interested in, and because it is supposed to be a frequent flowerer… with ORANGE flowers. It’s flowering now! Yay!

The crinkly leaves are weird, which is fun, be even more weird is the thick hair that covers the stems and undersides of the leaves. It’s so thick, it looks like spiderwebs or something.

When I first got it, I thought it was a spider mite infestation and tore some of the hairs out. Poor Emerald Forest Plant. I won’t damage you like that again…


  1. Carol

    How neat! The crinkly leaves remind me of a house plant I had ages ago, colloquial name Moon Valley. Ever heard of it? I always enjoyed it – may your hairy Emerald Forest plant give you as much pleasure.

  2. Lauren

    Your titles are spectacular. 😀

    That orange is so deep, and those ‘hairs’ are crazy! Thank you for educating me about the wide world of plants. 🙂

  3. Kristi

    The “hairy” picture is fascinating. I had no idea about that kind of thing.

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