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A Food Friend

My church doesn’t have a pastor right now, so we have a few different guest pastors who preach for us on Sundays. Most of them are professors from Concordia Irvine. They are amazing Bible study leaders and preachers.

They usually do one Sunday at a time, but one of them has offered to do all of our Wednesday night Lenten services. He wanted to meet with me to discuss planning the services. He’s new to the rotations, so we didn’t know each other. He suggested meeting at an Irish pub to chat. Perfect!

It was halfway between him and me, in a place called Fountain City. The food was tasty. I didn’t get a picture of it though, and I didn’t get a very good picture of restaurant either:

I really like him. We had a lot in common. He went to school at Concordia Seward! He’s about ten years younger though, so we were there at different times. We talked about life and faith and church, and then finally got around to service planning. Lots in common there too. What a delightful dinner!

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  1. Lauren

    Well, that is a lot of awesome in one evening! How cool that he’s a Seward grad, and how wonderful that you didn’t have to travel to Ireland to go to a pub! That must have been really nice to visit with someone who understands the ins and outs of ministry, too.

    Very cool. 🙂

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