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I have taken some new responsibilities at school and I haven’t adjusted to them yet. It has been difficult.

Yesterday I decided to leave right after school and go to a happy place: the garden center at Home Depot.

It was indeed wonderful. When I got home, I cooked myself one and a half grilled cheese sandwiches. I make good grilled cheese.

It was delicious comfort food. And my gums are healing, so I was able to bite it. Behold, my first bite of sandwich without my bottom front teeth:

And then I relaxed on the couch a little before bed. Bruno relaxed with me. His favorite place these days is in a tent under the blanket and between my knees.

It was a restorative evening. I’m ready for Friday. Let’s go!


  1. Carol

    First reflection: be careful not to take on so much that you implode or anything, friend. I’ll be lifting you in prayer…

    Second reflection: wonder what a plant at Home Depot has to do to earn Plant of the Month status? It’s not like they can sell the most somethingortheother or get complimentary letters sent to management from their customers. Hmmm…

  2. Lauren

    That first paragraph……. Carol is right. Be careful and keep doing things to take care of yourself.

    Congrats on your gums healing! One step further in the process!

    (Hi, Bruno. 🙂 )

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