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Snug Spot

I said yesterday that Bruno’s current favorite spot is in a blanket-tent under my knees. His second favorite spot is where I sit on the couch, right after I get up. I tend to give off a lot of body heat, so I’m sure that spot is warm.

He doesn’t stay there though, because if I’m getting up, that means I’m going to another room, and he can’t stand being by himself


  1. Lauren

    He’s so cute and needy. “Why would you leave this warm spot…….”

  2. Carol

    Our Augie’s behavior is not too dissimilar from Bruno’s: resting between the knees under a cover (though he has fur) to get/stay warm (especially these days – have you been watching the weather?!)…following us when we leave a room because it usually means entering or at least passing through the kitchen, where all goodies live…but does Bruno bark at you when you return home after being gone for even a few minutes? I often feel chastised for leaving the little fellow on his own (with feline Tabetha, who couldn’t care less for him, so it’s really like being alone) but overall he’s got it pretty good since I retired.

    Indeed…needy…but they help us feel wanted, no?

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