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A Rare Rainbow

Yesterday was the beginning of National Lutheran Schools Week for us. Students came to the church service and sang. It was lovely. The guest preacher was a professor from Concordia Irvine, and his sermon was just right for the occasion – a beautiful exposition of the gospel.

After the service, I went to my room to grade. On the way there, I saw a rainbow! It was so exciting! I never see those here, because it hardly ever rains.


  1. Lauren

    Well, that is a lovely start to the week in so many ways! I hope that your NLSW is wonderful and not draining. 😀

  2. Carol

    Blessed NLSW to you! (So glad the SED moved this to March for our area – we have a ton of ice from 2 snowfalls last week, in which County schools were closed on 2 separate days. Usually by March this is a non-issue, as you may recall…) What special theme days do you have: pj day? school colors day? Inquiring minds need to know!

    [Incidentally, I got to be part of a Validation Team for NLSA two weeks ago – it was a wonderful experience, and not just because they fed us so well for the days we were there. This school and church in LaPlata, MD, have such a common goal and work together so well, it restored my faith (so to speak) in the ability for this to still occur. (Far too often I experience churches that seem disconnected from the schools that share their educational buildings…but I digress.) If you are ever invited to participate in this, Brad, I recommend it. ‘Course, being retired now, I had the time to do the necessary pre-work (lots of paperwork to review from their self-study); not sure how those still in the proverbial trenches found time to do that…]

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