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A Picture and a Plan

I went to the orthodontist yesterday for the next step in my tooth saga. They did an xray of my whole mouth all at once. It was a machine I’d never seen before. It swirled around my head like an MRI machine or something. They did a full-mouth, and then they did a side-view. And then they put them up on a screen in front of me while I was waiting for the orthodontist. Look! It’s my skull!

The slant view kept reflections out of the picture. I decided to also take a picture with a reflection. It’s a self portrait! I call this one “Inside/Outside”

So the plan is, I’ll go back in a couple of weeks to do mouth molds, then a few weeks after that, I’ll get some clear tooth-alignment trays, which I will use for the next two years. After my bottom teeth are moved closer together, I’ll get an implant – a single tooth to replace the two that were removed. The implant process takes a while too, but it should all be done in less than three years.


  1. Lauren

    That is so cool!! Technology is so amazing now – that you’re actual head! I think I had that done once, but only the mouth picture was shown, not the whole-head view. So awesome!

    Also, one step closer!! I’m so curious to see the alignment trays when you get them. Will they be a different material than nighttime mouth guards? Thinner?

  2. Beth

    You have as many artificial tooth parts as I do!

  3. Carol

    Random reflections:

    I am familiar with the “2 for 1″specials, but a “1 (tooth) for 2” is a new one on me. So long as you can eat normally with the single tooth, I should hope the cost is less as well.

    The mouth mold could be an electronic process this time, too – instead of that gaggy, mushy stuff you’d have to press your remaining teeth down into to form the impression. I found that far less icky – merely passing a light pen of sorts over the outside of the mouth one side at a time is a walk in the park in comparison. May you have similar joy when the time comes.

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