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A Notable Day

I felt my first earthquake yesterday!

A couple have happened previously, but I didn’t feel them because they were during the night or I was moving around. This time, I was sitting at my desk at school. The building jiggled a little. It was weird. My co-worker came in and confirmed it was an earthquake.

I found out later it was a 4.6 in the area. I have no idea what the numbers mean. I should read an article about it or something…

In the map below, my school is just to the left of the “L” in Long Beach.


  1. Carol

    So your school is in the Pacific Ocean then?! (Just questioning the geography of being “left” of the L in Long Beach…)

    …and this was NOT your “first” earthquake, young man! How can you forget the pre-school teacher meeting in the media center at then-BLS in August 23, 2012 , when that 5.8 quake centered in Virginia made the floor fluid for a few seconds – I know you were present for that.

    …yet, a California quake must be even more unnerving. Ours don’t claim to foreshadow The Big One. Glad it wasn’t any worse.

    • Brad

      Yes – I do remember that. I should have said my first California earthquake. I think my first-first was in Seattle. The Maryland one was bigger than the one I felt yesterday. How do you remember the date of that? That’s crazy!

      • Carol

        How do you think this old gal remembers things like dates? Ye Olde Internette!! -:)

  2. Lauren

    Wow! I would be so freaked out, but it would be fascinating to experience.

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