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Snug Super Bowl

I watched the Super Bowl yesterday. It was an exciting one. I had asked my students who people around here were cheering for. They said: “Neither!” Heh.

I liked the commercials. They seemed better than recent years. There were more funny ones. I liked that. Not that I’m much of a commercial connoisseur anymore. I hardly ever see commercials these days.

I had my windows open when the game started. My house needed some fresh air. It made it kind of cold. I had to use a blanket. Mmm… It felt good…

Bruno was happy too. He loves sleeping in the tent space created by my knees. He couldn’t see the TV from there, but like my students, he didn’t care who won either.

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  1. Lauren

    Awwww…… Bruno has the right idea. Sleep through the whole thing. 😉 (Lloyd watched it with some guys and I watched t.v. at home. Some of the commercials popped up on Facebook, and they were pretty funny.)

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