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Belated Birthday

I got three gifts yesterday at school. The first one was in homeroom. One of the eighth graders gave me this:

Ha! I love it! I’ve seen it on the internet before. It’s so cool! I will definitely be trying some of the recipes.

The second gift was right after recess. One of the kids had this on his sleeve:

A ladybug! In February! Crazy.

The third gift came at the end of the day. A seventh grader came to my room at the end of the day and gave me this:

She said her dad remembered that lemon meringue pie was my favorite, and he got me one! It was so good. Mmm…

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  1. Lauren

    Holy cats! Your birthday is the holiday of the year! 😀 Please let us know if there are some good recipes for po-ta-toes, ok?

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