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Advent and Avoiding Addiction

Er…. Lent. It’s Lent.

When I went to Solvang back in January, I ended up buying a book of Hans Christian Andersen stories.

In a related story, I’m having my Religion Class students all do something for Lent. I always do something too. My something this year is to not look at my phone when I go to bed. Instead, I’ve been reading from my Hans Christian Andersen book. It’s great. I love the language it uses.

In a related story, I found out that there is a whole series of fairy tale and folk tale books published by the same publishing company. They even have similar covers. I have a new thing to buy! Yay! On Monday I got a gift certificate for doing a survey, and I knew exactly what I would use it on: a new story book! Woo hoo!

This one just so happened to also be red. That’s just a coincidence. They come in lots of colors. I want to buy them ALL!!!

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  1. Lauren

    Yet another noble, inspirational idea from you. Dang it.

    This is a good one, Brad. I am also addicted to the bright rectangle at night…..

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