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Tray Day

I got my first Invisalign trays yesterday!

They had to put some anchors on my teeth, and then they snapped the trays in. I will wear this first set of trays for two weeks, then switch to a second set, and a third set. This will continue for two years, and then my teeth will be positioned and ready for an implant.

They are clear, and mostly not visible I think. But they are shiny, so you can see them if you look

I feel their pressure on my teeth, but it doesn’t hurt.

I’m supposed to take them out when I eat or when I drink anything besides water. They gave me a fancy welcome kit that included a special case to store the trays when I take them out.

I also got Bruno a new scratch box from the Petsmart next to the orthodontist. He liked it.


  1. Carol

    [I love how you had to also get something for Bruno then – were you afraid he would be jealous that you got a new teeth apparatus and he got nothing? 😉 ]

    Well, congratulations on this measurable dental progress! Sounds like a lot of work between now and completion but hopefully it will be worth it when you win the Best Smile in California contest (that I hope someone runs just for you).

    …and blessed Easter!

  2. Lauren

    Yay!! How exciting! My nephew has them and said that he got used to them pretty quickly. Those are so much nicer than metal braces – both in looks and in tooth care. You’ll actually be able to floss as normal and not have to get special pokey devices that don’t actually work.


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