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I got some bread from the grocery store the other day, and I really liked it. It was called “Rustic Italian” bread. When I get bread for sandwiches, I like the light, empty, spongy, Wonder Bread kind. But when I eat bread with butter, I like this kind. It’s dense and has some moisture in it, but there is a crunchy crust on it. It’s kind of… cake-like? I’m not sure what makes bread like this instead of like a French bread kind of texture with chewiness and a lighter density. Lauren, do you know how to describe this better than me?

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  1. Lauren

    Oddly enough, I don’t quite know. Bread people talk about ‘crust’ and ‘crumb’ a lot. That looks like it has a very crunchy crust, but the crumb isn’t as open and doesn’t have those shiny holes. My guess it that the loaf you’re eating has some kind of fat in the dough – butter or oil? I’ll have to do some research…..

    Also, now I want to eat some bread.

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