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Plodding Progress

Well, after one day of vacation, I have to say it’s stressing me out, because I have a list of things I want to do on these days off, and I’m afraid I’m just going to be lazy and waste all this time. I usually only get one day off per week. This is a bunch of them in a row! I should be able to do a whole bunch of things!

Yesterday, I worked on my bedroom. I had previously painted it, but it’s been in disarray since then. I want to get it straightened out, and then actually hang things on the walls and stuff. I could have a room that’s completely finished! None of the rooms in my house are like that.

I didn’t finish. Each thing I tried to do led to a myriad of smaller jobs. For instance, I had a stack of sheets that needed a spot. I decided to put them in a hallway closet that is the obvious location for linens, but there wasn’t room for them because I have so many towels. I decided to sort the towels. They went into three stacks: bathroom, kitchen, and “get rid of”. Then I had to find a spot for the kitchen towels, because they obviously should be in the kitchen, not the hallway. Then I had to agonize over the “get rid of” pile, because why would I get rid of something that is useful, even though I have 47 hand towels and only need probably four. Sheesh!

Anyway, I did make some progress. Most notably, I got rid of a stack of sheets, I moved the bedside table to the other side of the bed, and I thinned out how many plant pots were on the cabinet by the window. I guess something is better than nothing…

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  1. Lauren

    I think that is excellent progress. The unseen cleaning/organizing is what makes future cleaning easier, so Brad of the Past just did Brad of the Future a huge favor!

    I’m glad you have a spring break. I was worried that your east coast trip ate up that time off, so hooray for some down time!

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