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Tray Talk

Yesterday I went to the orthodontist for a checkup on my tooth tray progress. While I was waiting, this was on the screen right in front of me:

It’s all my teeth!

They asked how it was going. I said I could feel my bite changing, which is so interesting. My bottom tooth that’s so crooked is touching the back of my top front teeth now.

I also said that I like to slide the trays back and forth across each other when they’re dry, because they make a squeaking sound. I thought it was only a sound in my head, but I’ve been told it’s audible. Oops.

They gave me my fourth set of trays. As with each time I switch, I can feel the sideways pressure. It’s uncomfortable, but bearable. For this next group of trays, I’m supposed to wear each set for ten days, then switch to the next set. I would never remember, so I told my phone to remind me in ten days to switch.


  1. Carol

    Wow – your teeth are famous now! Has anyone asked for their/your autograph yet?

  2. Lauren

    That is a truly incredible process – from the trays to the whole-mouth x-ray process. It’s a far cry from the tooth ‘handcuff’ bands for EVERY tooth and small-view x-rays of the past. Very cool.

    However, it looks like your movie set dentist office is on fire. 😉

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